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Tomware Full Version:

In Law Offices there is the Tomware Full Version.  This consists of a collection of many WordPerfect and Shell Macros which have been consolidated under one roof to make accessing and using them easier.

The primary function of the Full Version Tomware is to quickly and accurately automate the production of routine and not so routine legal pleadings, contracts, proposals,  and other complex documents.

Tomware is customized and individually configured for each office where it is installed. It is provided with installation services, training, and follow-up support.  Everything a law firm needs to automate their document production is included.

Clients who desire only a database and the automation of more routine, less complicated documents (no pleadings) generally use only the Tomware Mini-Pac to meet their needs.

Since every client needs a database and the ability to automatically generate letters, envelopes, merges, etc., the Tomware Mini-Pac is always included with the Full Version.

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