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The most exciting technology to me in the last decade is the PalmPilot.  Out of the box (without any special enhancements) the product's focus and ability can have a profound impact if you implement it well. When you begin to download and implement hacks and programs that customize the unit to your needs, you begin to wonder if you'll need a computer anymore.  Did I mention you can attach a wireless modem to facilitate not only sending and receiving e-mail, but browsing the WWW as well.

If you manage your database of contacts in ACT 2000, for example, you could edit contact or appointment information on either the computer or the Palm and the information is syncronized both ways.  In addition, without a wireless modem, you can sync to various web content every time you "Hot Sync" the device, allowing access to information such as which movies are playing at your local theature and what restaurant's are within a 3 mile radious of a given zip code.

Finally, you have a Tomware-like ability to generate routine documents, FAX transmittals, letters, merges, etc., all from a program that is extremely powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Learning to extend the function and fully exploit these tools is what I call true Road Warrior training and the primary focus of my business:  It may involve installing and configuring a network; loading software on the computers; fixing bugs or problems as they arise; and training users on getting the most out of their hardware investment.

Additional services offered by Waters Computer Consulting include designing and implementing customized legal-office automation strategies for small, medium, and large law firms. Such strategies include computer networking, document assembly strategies for legal pleading preparation, analyzing the flow of work in the office and providing necessary hardware, software, and training to achieve most efficient, cost-effective automation results for my clients.

I train clients in a manner which allows them not just to get by using their computers, but to expertly navigate their systems, exploit new and old software applications, avoid costly and time consuming mistakes, and meet their specific goals pertaining to computers and technology.

In addition, I help clients interface with professional printers and digital offset printing service bureaus by showing them how to properly pre-flight their documents (including PDF Acrobat file creation w/ Adobe Distiller; desktop publishing with Adobe PageMaker 6.5, and Illustration & Animation for print and WWW publication w/ Macromedia Freehand.)

Finally, I help clients meet their database management needs by designing and maintaining custom databases for them. I built the database used by National Petition Management to house all 14 million California registered voters which was used to gather and verify over 1 million signatures in under 30 days in April of 1998.

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